Our Sailing Dream

Our sailing dream started out as Ron’s, then it became "our" dream, when we got together in 2001 and married in 2003.

We started to work towards our sailing dream by taking CYA (Canadian Yachting Association) courses in cruising and navigation.  Then we joined the Salt Spring Island Sailing Club and joined in, as crew, on race days.  We learned a tremendous amount from the racing skippers, the sailing course skippers and the skippers, like our neighbour on Salt Spring, who just took us out many times and let us sail his boat.  We are grateful to all those who helped us through the steep learning curve!

Why such a radical dream? Perhaps it was our need to "get away from it all".  Perhaps we were just fed up with the antics of our government.  Now that we are "living our dream" we have learned to appreciate Canada more having experienced the graft and corruption of much smaller countries. Our dream kept us going through those long, cold Alberta winters. We are very happy to say that now, 6 years into living our dream, we are NOT COLD anymore!

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