Marathon – Two months of Fun and Biking

Marathon is an interesting area and very boater-friendly.   We had a pleasant and peaceful sail down the Hawk Channel with an overnight at Rodriquez Key.  Upon arrival at Boot Key Harbour, we IMGP4288found that little had changed – the same wildlife and lots of available moorings. 



Wing drying perfected!



We had no idea how long we would be staying but started out with a month rental on the mooring ball.  It turned out to be two months on the dot! Some of the very special experiences when sailing or at anchor  are the sunsets.  IMGP4217_thumb


Boot Key Harbour, Marathon at sunset





More sunset shots in Marathon!


It just doesn’t get more beautiful




We purchased bikes while we were in Marathon to give us the ability to explore both Marathon and Cuba. The bike seller was a Cuban by the name of Juan.  For two months we biked all over the place. IMGP4349



 Fascinating vegetation as we ride by the houses on the canals



One of the “not so good” things about Marathon is the harbour water and the vegetation that clings to your IMGP4364dinghy. 


Scout gets her bottom cleaned – what a mess!

It becomes necessary to wash and wax the dinghy bottom at least every three weeks.  Alternatively you can raise the dinghy out of the water every night – somewhat of a pain IMGP4376to do, so we settle for the cleaning adventure off the beach at a state park.


Scout looks beautiful once again!





On our trip out to the park we saw a very decrepit large, old dinghy that had been transportation for IMGP4389nine Cubans who made it safely across the Gulf Stream and got their feet on dry land in the US.  For doing that they get to stay and they get some money to start out their new life in a new country.


Very scary transportation to take across the Gulf Stream!



The crowd in Marathon is a very eclectic group.  There are many cruisers, just like us, and then there are the permanent residents who live on their boats full time because it is the cheapest way to live. Both their dinghies and their boats can be a sight to behold.IMGP4428



Moby Dick gets a new look!





There are all kinds of interesting dinghies made of anything you can imagine!IMGP4430


The Blue Bomber makes it into port!





We met several funny and friendly cruisers who shared our love of Sunday breakfast at the Legion.  We would head off on our bikes and pile into the Legion every Sunday for two months!IMGP4345


Barbara (foreground) from Bob Ra Anne gets ready to fill up at the Legion

Every Saturday night there would be an informal and very good jam session at the Tiki Hut for all the cruisers.  We would dance and bring dinner and drinks.  It was a super fun time! IMGP4463


Kent and Jane on Carina had a Miniature Schnauzer which Ron dutifully babysat while his owners were off dancing







The talented  cruisers perform, while we listen, sing along and dance



IMGP4457Then there were many evenings when we just visited other boats or invited them to Pioneer.  For one month, Sally and Conrad on Its About Time were moored beside us and we had lots of fun together. 


Joey (dark hair) and Jim (yellow shirt) aboard My Pleasure were often the source of laughter and good times


For the second month we were on our own while Its About Time headed up the west coast IMGP4416of Florida on a house hunting expedition. We filled the void with many new friends and good times.


Kent and Jane on Carina kept the party lively


There are many activities to keep you busy in Marathon – Mahjong, yoga, seminars on cruising, battery management, solar and wind and just about anything you can imagine. We attended many of them and learned a lot about the systems on our boat.  When you realize that this wealth of information is free, it makes Marathon a stop that you won’t want to miss.

All good things must come to an end so we responded quickly when a weather opportunity to cross to Cuba  presented itself – February 13th, the day before Valentines Day.

To spruce up Judy’s bike and add an element of fun to each ride, we got a parrot horn to honk at friends and others that we passed on our rides.  When we loaded the bikes aboard in preparation for IMGP4501the crossing to Cuba, the parrot was too precious to leave on the bike so he graduated to the helm, and he has been there ever since!


During the crossing, Ron tried to feed an errant flying fish to our parrot – everyone knows land birds don’t like fish!







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