Fall 2012 – The Trip South:

In accordance with our departure plan, Mother Nature gave IMGP3846us a break and created a very calm weather window for us to leave Beaufort, NC headed for Fernandina Beach, Florida.


Two of three sailing days were “dead calm”


In past years the same trip had been attempted but we were hood-winked by the weather and forced in at Charleston or Port Royal Sound. It seemed that Mother Nature was overly conscious of our comfort, resulting in the first two days motoring over calm seas.  The final 24 hours gave us wind to sail by and the rolling coastal seas to go with it.  Exactly on schedule, we arrived at first light in Fernandina Beach.IMGP3850 



Containership offloading in Fernandina Beach




Accompanying us on the trip was another boat from Wayfarers Cove, Veseley, with Walter and Becky aboard.  Another weather opportunity to head to central Florida occurred the next day, so we had only one night to catch our breath in Fernandina Beach.  Fortunately we were able to meet up with Its About Time – Conrad and Sally – in Fernandina and sail on south with them the next day.  We sailed as far as Cape Canaveral then entered the waterway there to rest overnight at Coco Beach.




Pelicans – a beautiful sight along the waterway




True to our travelling form we headed on to Vero Beach the next day, November 15th, where we stayed until December 4th. 




Judy at the helm on the way to Vero Beach (her Che shirt preparing her for Cuba)





The long stay in Vero allowed us to get some unfinished boat projects IMGP3875done, socialize with cruising friends, partake of the American Thanksgiving potluck, and explore the city on their free bus system. 


Judy and Conrad compare nav notes in preparation for the Miami trip



Vero Beach is a good stopping place, having all of the big box stores and many restaurants that agree with our cruising budget. IMGP3885


Ron clowns around with his “broken” underwear – great Halloween costume!



On December 4th, along with Its About Time we threw off the mooring ball and headed to Miami.  In the past we have only anchored overnight in Miami and never ventured into the city to explore. 



The Miami skyline from Pioneer







Judy tries to convince the boys to buy some new, exciting underwear!






This time, with Conrad as our guide to the city, we explored South Beach and the big city, specifically IMGP4035Little Havana – the total opposite of Havana, Cuba.


Ancient boulevard tree in the center of Little Havana




The standard of living was better, the streets cleaner, and the people seemed happier and busy with their chosen occupations.  The Cuban food was wonderful – quite a change from the bland diet we experienced in Cuba.  IMGP4058



Artisans ware in Little Havana









Cuban man plying his talents on the street





One afternoon, we set out on a dinghy exploratory trip, with Conrad, down and around the canal system in South Miami Beach.  To keep usIMGP3956 fed and watered, we had beer and chicken wings.  It was a great picnic!


Picnic cruise under a bridge in South Miami Beach




After Sally re-joined Conrad in Miami we headed off to the Holocaust Memorial.  The entire area was IMGP3987breathtaking.  The sculptures were compelling and frightening. What a sad time in the history of man.




The main sculpture in the Holocaust Memorial





Two weeks after our arrival in Miami, with everyone aboard,  Its About Time and Pioneer headed off to Marathon in the Keys.

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