The Texas/Arizona Trip

We left Minnesott in late May, 2012 hoping to take a little over two weeks to travel through Texas to IMGP2776Phoenix and then up into Saskatchewan. The stop in Texas was to meet up with cruising friends on “Big Fun”, Wayne and Elda. In the summer they keep their boat in the Rio Dulce in Guatemala and head back to Texas to spend time with family. 


Our first rest stop in Texas gave us a glimpse of this “bathing beauty”

IMGP2805We arranged to meet them in Kemah, Texas (near Houston and (Galveston).  We had a great visit with them, spending one day in Kemah at the marinas and one day on the seashores of Galveston.

Judy, Wayne and Elda try out a friends boat in Kemah







Dinner in Kemah with old friends (Wayne and Elda) and new (James and Carol)





Some Galveston waterfront muscle







Galveston harbour, a tall ship the “Ellisa” and this beautiful bronze



After leaving the Houston area and saying goodbye to Wayne and Elda we headed for El Paso. 

Many years ago, Ron used to live and work in El Paso.  Yes, folks, those were Ron’s velvet paintingIMGP2923 days! In El Paso, we spent a few days meeting up with Ron’s old friends and chasing down some of the Mexican artists that formed Ron’s production lines. 


Ron’s old velvet painting warehouse in El Paso




It was a special time.  Ron had also lived across the Rio Grande in Juarez.  We were surprised and shocked to hear of IMGP2931the lawlessness across the border.


Ron’s old house in El Paso


At one point we had thought to cross the border into Juarez, but we were advised many times against it. So, no trip to Juarez!


The initial reason for this trip was for me to meet up with my friends from Ontario, Judy and Deb. WeIMG_0248 had arranged for accommodation at the Mariott Resort in Phoenix.


Lounging by the pool at the Marriott




Ron, stayed on his own at the Days Inn so that I could have time with just the girls.



Adventures in the Pioneer Village at Cave Creek


On our anniversary, the girls took me and Ron on an outing  to Cave Creek, just north of Phoenix.  Sightseeing and Mexican food were positive highlights of the day.  The heat – well over 100 deg F. was hard to handle.  We often tried to convince ourselves it really wasn’t that hot because in the desert it’s a “dry heat”!




Our “mantra” while suffering through the hot days






As per our usual format, the girls and I swam in the pool, shopped and went out to dinner. 


Shopping for the famous western “cowboy boot”




Can’t escape the desert without a picture of an armadillo









The “girls” house hunt in the desert



Typical desert scene with some “nasty” cacti!


One day we headed up to Sedona to see the sights – Mother Nature can sure paint a beautiful picture!







Sonoma  in the middle of a beautiful “painted” desert





Great rattlesnake country!


The desire to shop and relax was foremost in the girls minds. So…..we headed off to the resort spa for a pedicure and a pitcher of Margaritas! 




Judy, Deb and Judy relax with a Margarita whilst their toes soak up a warm bath






New toes and a smile on our faces!








Shoe shopping was in order after the “new toes” look!




Our next stop was Shaunavon Saskatchewan where we visited Ron’s mother.  IMGP2969



Ron and Evelyn visit in Shaunavon


After that it was two weeks in Lethbridge where we stayed in our former house while the new owner, a good friend, visited family in the USA.

Then we continued on to Salt Spring.

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