Winter Wonderland on Salt Spring

Of the two weeks that I was able to spend here on Salt Spring, it is only as I am about to leave that I am frustrated with Mother Nature.  When on the island in winter, I expect some rain and some low IMG_0099clouds, also some warm and cool sunny days.  However, I try to avoid snowfalls! 


I woke up to this view on Wednesday morning!


It has always been my misfortune to encounter snowfalls when I visit the island in December and January.  They last for about a week and usually bring the island to a standstill.  This visit was no exception… has been snowing, lightly, for a few days but the temperatures have been between –IMG_00973 and –5 so the snow isn’t melting! 


More snow!






View from the front of the house






Our snow covered road…….it’s not supposed to look like this!



My seaplane travel was cancelled due to weather so now I have to take the longer ferry ride to Vancouver.  I am glad this is all happening the day before I have to catch my plane.  It would be very nerve-wracking to be trying to keep to a schedule so that I wouldn’t miss my plane.

Looking on the bright side, I did enjoy my two walks in the snow today – it was quiet and the snow IMG_0106was virgin in many places 



The back woodsy path to the main road enabled me to check out road conditions on the steep Sunset hill




On the disappointing side, I had to cancel dinner with friends on this last night here.  I had been looking forward to a fun evening – now it is a quiet evening at home, alone.

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