Cuban Markets and Cuban Food

The Sunday market is new and has been very successful, drawing locals from around the outlying towns to make their weekly purchases. Ron has been searching, unsuccessfully, for hot peppers. When he saw these little babies in the market he got really excited; however, they were not as “hot”IMGP0830 as he hoped,but still very flavourful.

Colourful and flavourful, but not HOT!








Five pineapples for 50 cents, 4 lbs tomatoes for 50 cents, 13 red onions for $1.00 and those “not so hot” peppers for 50 cents.  We spent a grand total of $2.50 for our market outing.




The great thing about the fruits and vegetables in Cuba is that they are all organic! No pesticides to poison the crop or the consumers! The pork, chicken and fish is all “organic” as well – no steroids or enhanced feed to plump them up!  No wonder we are so healthy when we get back to Canada after a winter in Cuba!IMGP0840


Buying the produce is great – washing it before taking it on the boat is tedious, but necessary….

Beef is uncommon in Cuba, but seafood and pork are considered staples.  We get our fish and lobster from Jorge, one of the local fishermen.  At $1 to $1.50 a tail, lobster is a common meal for us, IMGP0919as is fish.  Most of the time we get the Jorge to prepare the fillets but sometimes, we have to take on the task……..hopefully not too often!


Judy cleans up a hogfish for dinner

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