Preparing to Leave for Points South 2011

Come mid October, we began getting Pioneer ready to head south.  A few repairs  (as is always the case), social gatherings (to say our last goodbyes) and the major event – PROVISIONING FOR THE WINTER!  We think that we have the latter down to a science.  Each year, knowing our destination, we provision differently.  This year, having set our sights on Cuba we brought lots of canned meat and very few canned vegetables.  We know we will be able to get fresh fish, lobster and shrimp as well as frozen chicken.  The produce market will keep us happily in fruit and vegetables at a very low cost. We will, however, need some comfort food – chocolate, nuts, pop and wine.  Also lots of ingredients to make our own yoghurt and bread.  Judy has been practicing her bread baking and yoghurt production and has managed to produce very good results.  The methods are primitive but it works and it tastes good!



Judy enjoys the morning exercise!

We have been trying to keep up our daily walks as once we get on the water our exercise opportunities are decreased greatly.  There were a few minor projects and repairs before we could leave.  Once again, Judy was hoisted up the mast to wrestle with the installation of a newIMGP0458 spreader light.  It is a finicky job and it takes at least an hour to figure out how everything fits together.  NOT FUN! 

Can you see Judy gritting her teeth up there!



We gathered with friends Carol and Ashley, Charlie and Shirley, Dick and Debbie and IMGP0431Cindy and Bill to say our final goodbyes and, heck, it was a great excuse for a party!


Party central at Carol and Ashley’s – Bill and Cindy with Dick and Debbie






Goodbye hugs from the girls are always enjoyed!





We also spent a few fun and memorable evenings with Carol and Rex, great friends and ones that we miss a lot when we are off on our travelling adventures.  Even though we were IMGP0455in Minnesott for Halloween, we had no party this year – too much to do and too little time to do it.



Marina neighbours prepare their Halloween tricks!




When our buddy boat, Its About Time, came into town we did some more social fun things and then it was off down the waterway to catch the weather window coming out the Cape Fear River.

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