Canada Trip–Leg 4 :

This marks our final week on Salt Spring and our trip home to Pioneer.  We were fortunate to haveIMGP9900 most of Ron’s children visit us on Salt Spring this summer.  His son, Aaron, and Aaron’s fiancé, Liz, and his daughter, Jocelyn.  It was a great time, although way too short! 


Liz, Ron, Jocelyn and Aaron on Salt Spring






Judy opens the jewelry shop!

Our final week on the island was at a lower key so that we could be energetic for the ride back across the country.  Judy worked on her jewelry-making (sea bean and shell pendants), house cleaning and applying a sealer to the end of the  cedar beam roof supports.  Ron worked at tidying the workshop and the wood storage area and making last minute improvements toIMGP9935 the garden. We even managed to win a draw prize at one of the local grocery stores.  That was a first for us – a popcorn maker!

Merry Christmas early, Ron!






Ron’s workshop humour?


Finally it came time to leave and we were able to relax during the three-hour ferry ride to the mainland.IMGP9956


Judy reads as we ride the infamous ferry where we met ten years ago



Our first stop on the way home was Vernon, in the interior of B.C.  Ron’s eldest son, David, wife Chantel, and two sons, IMGP0023Jack and Conrad live there. 


Jack and Conrad “after the bath”!


We had an enjoyable two days with them that included a party with staff friends from David’s medical practice.  Our next stop wasIMGP0044 Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, where we had two days with Ron’s mother. 



Elk farming on the prairies




Every good westerner knows a Saskatchewan Roughrider when they see one!





Ron’s mother, Evelyn trying to convince Ron that the fish are real!

Then finally we were back on the road to Pioneer.

The trip home to Pioneer docked in NC lasted 3 days We drove two overnights to get there in time to prepare Pioneer for Hurricane Irene.  Our next post is all about Irene!

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