Canada Trip 2011 – Leg 3

Our drive from Alberta to Tsawwassen lasted almost 13 hours (0430 to 1800).  We stayed overnight with Honduras cruising friends, Reg and Gail – Tides End, who lived in the Tsawwassen area.  It was fun to relive the memories from our past cruising season and catch up on the latest news from the Rio Dulce.

Salt Spring Island:

Arriving at our island family home on Salt Spring is always a treat.  The setting is beautiful, the house is ageless and the garden, although cluttered with pine cones and branches, has the promise of hidden beauty once we get busy cleaning up.  The first weekend we were visited by Judy’s son, Rob, his wife, Carol and their two daughters, Jade and Sage.  IMGP9151We walked and talked, visited the Saturday market, tried out some hula hoops, hadIMGP9200 a great family dinner and enjoyed a Harry Potter video.  A great time was had by all. 


Jade and Sage – the grandkids!


Not one but TWO hoops for Sage!


Rob tries his hips on the hula hoop


A market vendor creates a masterpiece at the Saturday market on Salt Spring



The family takes a walk down Mountain View Drive

Ron has been spending 3 to 4 hours every day cleaning up the garden around the house and fixing things that were broken. Sometimes I find him perched on the garage roof, trimming branches, then he is out in the garden watering the Spanish Broom and trimming off the dead branches. We have been admiring other properties that have encouraged the growth of the giant ferns that are so common in the forests of BC.  Perhaps one day we will be here long enough to transplant some of those ferns and keep them watered until they catch and can survive on their own. The property is beginning to look quite neat, orderly and beautiful.  BUT there are always “critters” that just love to devour the plants that grow around the house.  The deer fence obviously needs to be fixed in places!  Another job for another time!

Deer #1 munches on the Spanish Broom while we walk around not 50 feet from it


Deer #2 saunters by Ron as he splits the firewood for our evening fire (Yes, it is cold up here in Canada!)IMGP9247

Most afternoons Judy goes down to Greenwoods to visit her mother. She is doing very well for her IMGP925599 years! We are all looking forward to this January when she turns 100 – it should be a good party! Although it is good to see our mothers thriving in the “nursing home” environment, we would hope that we are not fated to the same future.  Perhaps that is one of the reasons why we sail.  Our adventurous life keeps us alert and the warm climate keeps our joints from hurting!

Phyllis relaxes in the lounge at Greenwoods

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