Minnesott 2011 – Spring

Our return to Wayfarers Cove and our friends in the Minnesott Beach community is always something that we look forward to. We knew that in the seven weeks that we would be there, there would be socializing, boat work and planning for our trip back to Canada.  Because of theIMGP8575 cooler weather and the cloudy skies in late April and early May, that was the best time to get the  exterior teak treated for another season.  That became a priority for Judy.


Judy and Ron, Rex and Carol do the foot comparison – who’s been barefoot in the sun all winter?


Both of us enjoyed relaxing evenings with friends Rex and scrabbleCarol, Charlie and Shirley, Bill and Cindy, Carol and Ashley, Debbie and Dick, Kathy and Tom and and Brian and Linda. Some were big parties with many guests, others a relaxing dinner and even a game of scrabble!


Carol – the Mistress of Scrabble – shows us how it is done



Rex and Carol are great scrabble players but we are neophytes! So we mixed the teams and Judy and Rex managed to squeeze out a win –IMGP8659 luck or skill? We’ll never tell!


A score pad never lies!



We really enjoyed our first “block” party pig roast down the street from the marina meeting old friends IMGP8791there as well as making new ones. There were about 75 people who came to enjoy the meal, the fellowship and the music!


Friends Charlie and Shirley, Dick and Debbie and Bill and Cindy at the block party/pig roast


Since it was just a short walk from Pioneer, we put on ourblock1 walking shoes, put some wine in our knapsack and arrived with brownies to share!


Judy and Cindy enjoy the party!



In the first week of May Judy was off to enjoy a week with her girlfriends at Siesta Key in Florida.  It was an absolutely great time to relax with old friends and indulge in some very productive shopping sprees. Ron rather enjoyed the time on his own as well! 

IMGP8726On Judy’s  return it was back to teak work, cleaning up the canvas dodger and bimini and cleaning the stainless steel on Pioneer’s deck.  We took the dodger, bimini and can covers in for some repair work.  We also ordered a new sun shade for the aft section of the boat and canvas connector to cut down on the heat in the cockpit when we are at anchor.

Judy scrubs away at the “salty” bimini

While we were at Wayfarers good friends, Conrad and Sally on Its About Time arrived at the Oriental harbour town dock.  We had a very enjoyable evening with them and were sad to seeIMGP8759 them leave for points north.



Conrad and Sally get a goodbye hug from Judy as they head towards Baltimore

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