Minnesott Beach – Fall 2013

Our plan had been to arrive at our marina – Wayfarers Cove – in the first week of October, get a few IMGP5240projects completed and then head south in early November.  It is now the third week in November and we are still here.


The Wall Street Journal and the National Post were traded between Tom, our dockmaster, and Ron.  The large pile was saved by Tom during the summer.  The pile is still about a foot high!


Our initial delay was due to our wind generator.  We had to send it off to the factory to be reconditioned.  It arrived back almost four weeks later than we had expected.  Luckily we were able to get it installed the next day and complete the last of our boat loading/preparation chores.  It looked like we could leave the next day to catch a weather window to Charleston out of the Cape Fear River.  When we took a close up look at this 24 hour passage, and the three-day trip down the waterway we had some concerns.  Three severe weather systems were going to be plaguing the east coast of the US beginning our second day into the trip.  The winds would be up to 25 knots on the waterway and 35+ outside.  Our passage between Cape Fear and Charleston showed a break in the wind, but unfortunately, the seas were still up and the temperatures were below freezing, making for a very uncomfortable passage.  Our weather guru, Chris Parker, was amazed at the severity of theIMGP5283 November weather and the lack of passage opportunities. 


This tree fell during one of the many storms passing through the area – good thing the house was abandoned!



It seemed that the cold fronts and related weather systems were only a few days apart throughout the month, leaving little opportunity for the seas to calm to allow for a comfortable passage.  Now, we are fairly hearty sailors but we are not foolish.  Freezing temperatures in rough seas is not a good idea.  So, we elected to pass on the opportunity and are still here at Wayfarers.  BUT, we are warm even though it is below freezing with a very cold wind outside. 

IMGP5331Around mid November we got a very big SURPRISE!  We woke up at midnight to below freezing temperatures and a snow storm! 


Snow falling on Pioneer’s deck at midnight




Judy couldn’t resist getting a handful of snow and taking it to Ron, who was still in the warm bed.  For some reason, he was just not as excited about the snow as she was. 

Snow and ice collected on the deck during the night




In the morning, there was still snow on the dock and ON OUR CAR!


Ron negotiates the slippery deck as he checks our water taps for freezing


We have not seen snow on our car since 2005.  Today it is alsoIMGP5341 below freezing but sunny, so no rainfall that could result in snow, thank goodness.


Our Mazda rests under a blanket of snow as we prepare to head off into New Bern



We are disappointed that we will miss the American IMGP5346Thanksgiving potluck at Vero Beach but we should be able to make Marathon around Christmas, that is, if the weather improves. 

Pioneer patiently waits in her slip as we watch for a chance to head south


Meanwhile we get to update our blog with all the fun activities that we have experienced over the last 45 days. 

Our first fun event was the “Group Hug” gathering.  We managed to get together with several of ourIMGP5259 friends, all former boaters, now CLODS (cruisers living on dirt), who live in the Minnesott/Oriental area. 


The Minnesott/Oriental “Group Hug” gets together once again!






The “Group Hug” girls, Carol, Kathy, Judy, Cindy and Deb, celebrate Tom’s  birthday



This usually happens once in the Fall and once in the Spring.  It is always a great party.


Kathy, Deb, Judy and Carol horse around in the kitchen before dinner


Then we enjoy quiet evenings with our friends Rex and IMGP5351Carol, and Kathryn and Enrique.


Rex, Carol and Judy work together to prepare our last supper together before we head off south






Enrique, Ron, Judy and Kathryn reminisce about the fun we had in Honduras where we produced this sign,  The FFFC stands for the Freddie Fender Fan Club.  We all love his music and he is very popular in the Bay Islands of Honduras


We also went on a sunset cruise with Paula and Phil and Bill IMGP5311and Cindy in a small fishing boat that allowed us to explore close to shore on the River Neuse. 


Starting out on our sunset cruise with Phil, Paula, Cindy and Bill






Now this is a coastal North Carolina sunset!


A few days later we enjoyed dinner all together at Bill and Cindy’s followed by a fun game of Train Dominoes.  When we aren’t out enjoying the social scene, we are very busy getting Pioneer ready to take her south.

Even though we have experienced a weather delay we still find lots of jobs that we can work on to keep ourselves busy.  The pictures have told our story.

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